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Patient Center

We are currently accepting new patients.  All new patients will require a referral from a primary care provider, therapist, inpatient facility, or another qualified provider.  Please fax or email the referral to us.   


Fax: 678-496-9863

Patients with no insurance can self pay at at time of appointment. Rates for new patients are approximatly $350 and follow up visits are approximatly $225. All new patient appointments will require a $100 hold fee that will be applied to your copay, deductible, or coinsurance.  Any balance will be refunded after your second visit.  For a no show or late cancelation (within 48 hours), it will be applied towards the no show/late cancelation fee of $100 for new patients and $50 for a follow ups.  



Please have your office send in the form below and any additional information such as recent notes, laboratory data, or testing records.  We are NOT an emergency receiving facility, but if this is an urgent referral and the patient is stable to be at home, please mark "urgent" on the form.  

Provider Referral Form



Please complete the new patient paperwork below:

New Patient Form


Please reference the policies and forms below:

Practice Policies


Release of Information

Payment Policy

Provider Form Fees

Controlled Substance Agreement

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