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COVID-19 Policies

We want everyone to know that our office is fully vaccinated.  We are still a healthcare facility and due to the nature of our clientel, we still request that a mask be worn in our offices.  

In addition, mental health disorders should not impact mask and vaccine mandates. The medications prescribed by our providers are not considered a contraindication for the vaccine. 

Under the federal Ryan Haight Act, prescribing controlled substances requires that the Practitioner/prescriber conduct at least one in-person medical evaluation of the patient. One exception to the rule requiring in-person medical evaluation is when the Secretary of HHS declares a public health. Because there is currently a public health emergency due to COVID, the exception applies. However, we expect that sometime over the summer that the public health emergency will be lifted, and the Ryan Haight Act will again apply. Because of this federal law, our office will have to see all new patients in person and all other patients at least once. We will update you as there are changes. 

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