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Better Screen Time

Technology is part of the fabric of our modern culture.

The BetterScreenTime course offers systematic solutions within a positive framework for the healthy integration of technology (social media and video games) for children and adolescents as well as adults at appropriate ages (and levels of maturity, which are not always in line with chronological age).

It discusses when are the best times (ages) to gradually introduce personal technology devices for adolescents.

It explores the differences between different types of video games in order to educate children, adolescents and adults About the ones that are more likely to trigger dopamine flooding and which ones are less likely to do so. For example, video games with begging, middle and end are less likely to create addictive patterns of behavior than others.

Families that choose to introduce video games in their homes, tend to fair better when the children play the video games with a parent and not alone.

Often the symptoms we treat as mental health care providers, are caused or exacerbated by premature access to technology. States of integration on natural development can be positively (or negativity) impacted by technology use in the home.

As wonderful and useful as technology is, when introduced too early without proper, age - appropriate Guardrails, technology such as social media platforms or video games can trigger feelings of helplessness , loneliness and even anxiety and depression.

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