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Deductibles and Open Enrollment

We feel it is important for everyone to understand how insurance plans work.  It is important to know the difference in copays, co-insurance, and dedutibles.  Please see our Frequently Asked Questions page at:

As part of Emory's Healthcare Network, we will see intermittent changes in contracted rates for services with insurance carriers.  

We recommend that you check with your plan before your next visit to PPG and this should also help drive decisions during open enrollement. 

Recently, there has been an large increase in our contracted rate with United Health Care/Optum. 

To our knowledge, the increase has only affected those patients that have high deductible plans or co-insurance costs

Patient out of pocket charge at time of visit and/or responsibility for their copay or deductible is subject to the insurance plan that is chosen by the family. Unfortunately we are unable to control that. Some patients have plans with $5 or $10 copay and that is all they pay out of pocket. Some patients have plans that may leave the patient with more than $350 to pay and it goes towards their deductible. It's always a good idea to take time to examine the insurance plan that you choose each year and make sure that you are comfortable with the terms of the plan. Typically copay plans are more expensive each month for a patient, but they are less expensive out of pocket for the patient at the time of visit. Whereas, high deductible plans are have less expensive monthly fees but leave the patient paying more out of pocket towards deductible at each visit. 

Our goals are to help you make the best decisions for your care. 

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