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Medical Records, Letters and Forms requests

If you request medical records, letters or forms to be filled out, please give our team several business days to complete the request. If you want your medical records faster, you may acces them via the patient portal and print them yourself. Letters and forms may take up to a week due to the individual nature of each letter or form.    Read Full Story >>

Emotional Support Animal Policy

Emotional Support Animal Letter Policy An Emotional Support Animal Letter is a certification that states that an individual who meets the criteria for a permanent disability should be accommodated by the presence of an Emotional Support Animal in certain public spaces where pets are otherwise prohibited. Our office has experienced a rapid rise  Read Full Story >>

Better Screen Time

Technology is part of the fabric of our modern culture. The BetterScreenTime course offers systematic solutions within a positive framework for the healthy integration of technology (social media and video games) for children and adolescents as well as adults at appropriate ages (and levels of maturity, which are not always in line  Read Full Story >>

Facebook Page

Take a minute and visit our Facebook page.  Our providers are passionate about health and wellness.  Please follow along and join us in supporting our communities.      Read Full Story >>

In Person Visits vs. Televisits

PPG is open to telehealth and it has become a staple since the pandemic. Unfortunately, we are not getting clear guidance from all insurance carriers and most have generic guidelines. We appreciate your understanding and patience as this is an ever evolving process. At this time, it is not possible to keep up with every individual behav  Read Full Story >>

FMLA and Disability Forms Policy

FMLA or disability forms will not be filled out at the patient's first couple of visits to our office. We require reasonable time for the providers to spend with each patient to adequately asses if FMLA or disability is directly related to a mental health condition. It's usually three or more visits and at least several months of t  Read Full Story >>

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