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Dionne Lynch-Ramos, PMHNP

Dionne Lynch-Ramos, PMHNP
Dionne Lynch-Ramos, PMHNP

I am a passionate Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner dedicated to understanding and supporting my patient's needs. My journey began with an Associate Degree in Liberal Arts and Science from Canton College of Technology, followed by a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from City College New York. 

With over 15 years of hand-on experience as an Emergency Department Registered Nurse, I navigated the diverse needs of individuals in crisis. Building on this foundation, I dedicated more than five years to psychiatric nursing, honing my skills in holistic and compassionate patient care. My commitment to making a difference led me to develop expertise in working with a divers population, reinforcing my belief in the power of individualized care. As a psychiatric nurse practitioner, I am exited to fully persue my calling and contribute to the well being of those in need. 

Byone my professiona life, I find fulfillment in traveling, immersing myself in nature, and cherishing quality moments with my family. These experiences provide the balance essential for thriving in my career. 

Education & Training

Associates Degree in Liberal Arts and Science-Cantono College of Technology

Bachelor of Science in Nursing-City College of New York

Master of Science in Nursing, PMHNP, Walden University

Board Certification
American Nurses Credentialing Center, Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

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